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Mission: to work together across neighboring communities to consistently protect and improve the unique and relatively unspoiled character of the physical, economic and social worlds we share for the benefit of our future generations.

Transportation Disadvantaged

Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged) and enhanced local participation in the planning and delivery of coordinated transportation services through creation of local coordinating boards (LCB) and community transportation coordinators (CTC). The Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged is an independent commission housed administratively within the Florida Department of Transportation in Tallahassee, Florida. Its mission is to ensure the availability of efficient, cost-effective and quality transportation services for transportation disadvantaged persons. Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) or Designated Official Planning Agencies (DOPAs) perform long-range planning, and assist the Commission and LCBs in implementing the transportation disadvantaged (TD) program in designated service areas.

The Glades and Hendry County TD Program has moved to the Heartland TPO (HRTPO) http://heartlandregionaltpo.org/transportation-disadvantaged/

Designated Official Planning Agency (DOPA)
    The Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council serves as the DOPA for Glades and Hendry Counties and:
  • Provides staff and resources to enable the Joint Glades/Hendry LCB to fulfill its responsibilities;
  • Conducts an annual evaluation of the CTC;
  • Develops and annually updates, a Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan (TDSP);
  • Consolidate the annual budget estimates of local and directly funded federal government transportation disadvantaged;
  • Funds and forward to the Commission no later than the beginning of each state fiscal year.

Community Transportation Coordinators
The Community Transportation Coordinators (CTC) are businesses or county departments that are responsible for the arrangement of the delivery of transportation services to the transportation disadvantaged. The CTC may provide those trips itself, as a sole source, or the CTC may provide some trips, and subcontract some (partial brokerage) or, the CTC may subcontract out all the trips to approved operators, as a complete brokerage. The TD Commission approves the CTC for each county, per the recommendation of the SWFRPC Board, which is the Designated Official Planning Agency (DOPA). Good Wheels Inc. was approved by the TD Commission and is contracted as the CTC for the Lee County service area from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2018.


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