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Mission: to work together across neighboring communities to consistently protect and improve the unique and relatively unspoiled character of the physical, economic and social worlds we share for the benefit of our future generations.

Regional Library

The Council provides information to its constituent local governments and the general public in several ways. Workshops, the Library, Geographic Information Systems, Newsletters, original Publications and this Website.

The Council’s Library is well-known for its extensive collection of technical, planning-related materials. With approximately 5,200 titles and 50 bulletins and periodicals, the library is a well-equipped resource for the general public’s use. Requests for information can be placed over the phone, by email or in person. Although it is not a lending library, the library is open to the public during regular business hours. Copies of materials can be made for a nominal fee. As a member of the Southwest Florida Library Network, one of the regional consortia of multi-type libraries and information specialists in the State of Florida, the Council has access to the resources of many other libraries as well. Its purpose is to promote library and information services and coordinate resource sharing and information exchange among member institutions and individuals. SWFLN provides the RPC with access to FirstSearch which gives library users instant online access to more than 70 databases. OCLC FirstSearch is a comprehensive and complete reference service with a rich collection of databases and with links to the World Wide Web, over 5.9 million online full text articles, full-image articles from over 3,500 electronic journals, library holdings, and interlibrary loan. It supports research in a wide range of subject areas with well-known bibliographic and full-text databases in addition to ready-reference tools such as directories, almanacs and encyclopedias.

Additionally, SWFRPC publishes newsletters on a regular basis. Economic Views, a monthly newsletter, tracks the performance of five economic indicators among the Region's six counties. Harbor Happenings is published quarterly and contains information on the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program and its events.