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2010 Evacuation Study

The Florida Division of Emergency Management, Department of Community Affairs Division of Community Planning and Department of Transportation in coordination with the Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council has developed the Statewide Regional Evacuation Study for the Southwest Florida Region. This report updates the region's evacuation population estimates, evacuation clearance times and public shelter demand. The study covers Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry Lee and Sarasota Counties and their municipalities.

GIS Database (zip)

Volume 1: Technical Data Report
The Technical Data Report (TDR) is the primary document of the Statewide Regional Evacuation Study Program. The TDR contains the summary analysis of all other supporting research, survey data and modeling.

Volume 2: Regional Behavioral Analysis

Volume 3: Regional Behavioral Survey Report

Volume 4: Evacuation Transportation Analysis

Volume 5: Evacuation Transportation Supplemental Data Report

Volume 6: Emergency Management Evacuation Toolkit
The Emergency Management Tool Kit includes locally-selected data pertinent to the county emergency management agency. It is meant to be used as a quick reference guide for operations. The Toolkit is For Official Use Only and is not available on this website for public download.

Volume 7: Storm Tide Atlas
The Storm Tide Atlas provides the storm tide boundaries based on the new SLOSH Analysis including the boundaries of the Coastal High Hazard Area (CHHA). It is provided in several formats including GIS files, PDF files and printed copy. There is one Book for each county in the region which has a potential for storm tide flooding.
Volume 8: Methodology and Support Documentation